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How to read atmel 24rf08

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step1 read the ja axx way to read 24rf08
The dump from joe's  keymaker interface is encrypted from him.

step2 Look the Datasheet of 24rfo8c
the i2cBus
14 PIN VERSION 24rf08

step3 a. download the r24rf08  from  ALLservice, and make the interface  (look the destnation folder C:\ALLservice\24RF08 the simple-i2cprog.pdf  is the interface, with reader software)
b.Alternative you can build the interface from 
step4 use only the GNL , SCL ,SDA pins from the atmel 24rf08 and do the same reading way like jaa axx say,when your laptop boot and ask for the password plug the GNL, SCL, SDA pins with interface  and run from second pc the reader software r24rf08.exe .
(Don't unsolder the 24rf08 from the motherboard)

step 5 open the dump  file with  ibmpass2  and you can see clean usefully information's ...or use the dos version ibmpass if you need only the password.
The dump from this page is not crypted from no one else ,  except manufacturer keyboard scancode.
 Excelled decoder for the keyboard scancode coming from
*if the 24rf08 ic is brurned try to replace with 24c08 serial eeprom soic-8.


Hardware  installation and removal manual for Thinkpads --download link. 


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